ARM Processor?

Okay so basically I’m getting a new laptop for school and other activities. Currently deciding between Macbook Air (M1) and Surface Laptop 3 (i5). The air has an ARM based processor whereas the SL3 has an Intel x86 processor. Will the game still run on ARM?
To my knowledge the M1 has x86 virtualisation or whatever through rosetta 2 but idk.
This is not going to make a huge impact on what device I buy, it’s just I’d like to know what I can and can’t do.

If you have an M1 processor and know, it would be cool if you could tell me. Also if a developer knows, that would also be cool.

Well… both are great, macbook has the newest ARM chip and a really good performance. While surface has 3:2 screen which is bigger than M1 and cheaper but good performance too nonetheless.

But if you were to ask me which one should I pick, I’d definitely pick the M1 for sure! Not really a fan of apple but when I heard of the M1, I was quite impressed when I heard about the product lol. Its processor is faster than the SL3, smoother, has better battery life and more RAM and I even heard that the M1 has double the battery of the SL3. Only downside is, it’s expensive while SL3 is cheaper but I’d still say it’s a great purchase.

Also, since you’re using it for school, if there’s anything you need that’s windows exclusive, then I don’t think the M1 will be for you, you might want to get the SL3 instead or some other laptop. The decision is up to you though.

I’ve also searched some reviews online. You might want to check these links out and compare the two:

Not sure about this one though but I saw some reviews on youtube and it works well with Minecraft so I guess it would also work with Pixel Worlds. I also believe that some of the iOS games are playable on M1s and is on the appstore, dunno if Pixel Worlds is in it though… well, if it isn’t, like you’ve said earlier, you could always use the Rosetta 2 emulator.

where i live, the SL3 is actually $100 more expensive than the macbook air lol. I do like the M1 chip but am clearly hesitant about compatibility issues that may arise.
Obviously as it’s mainly for school, i will probably just be running office suite, which has native support but I’d like to possibly use it for more in future.

Just found this website you can search up some apps here to see if they’re supported or not.

The M1 Macbook is good but yeah, it is risky because the M1 chip is brand new, of course it will have some limitations but if you’re really hesitant then I’d say what you could do is buy the M1 Macbook first, try it out, and return it if you’re not satisfied with it then just buy the SL3/another product or… just wait for the next generation of the chip when it’s compatible with most stuff.

Update to this thread:

I contacted Dev and he asked an intern with a device with the new M1 chip. According to the intern, it runs very smoothly through rosetta 2.

Ooo that’s good to hear! Are you going to buy the Macbook M1?

Probably yeah. Through the apple website I can get it for $1439AUD with free airpods. that’s the macbook air 256gb 8gb ram.


this is like $300 cheaper than the $1700 SL3. and even cheaper if I sell the airpods, which I probably will.

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update to this thread: I have bought the MacBook Air. I am yet to test pixel worlds on it though. Although I expect that it works since I was told it should lol.

Would you mind recording it? I’d love to see how it runs with Pixel Worlds.