Art compitition

Competition for new flag design for the CRPW!

Winner gets Flamingo floater + white tuxedo(if i find more stuff to giveaway i will)

You can use the old flag for inspiration

Red = Motivation
Yellow = Energy
Eagle = Independent
Star = Leadership Positions

  • Bottom two = Supreme Leader and Vice Supreme
  • Bottom right and left = Council and Server Administration
  • Top right and left = Communists and Workers.

Wheat = Growth and Fertility
Hammer and Sickle = The hammer stands for the industrial working class and the sickle represents the agricultural workers, therefore together they represent the unity of the two groups.


Kazakhstan best country i the world!!!

Forgot to mention, ends on 11/5/2021

I am yet to see how communism applies to this game in any way lol.

Turned out really well for the communists. It does not work. It has never worked.
A planned economy may be efficient, but it almost certainly tramples personal freedom, human rights, and other basic rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of press.

How would we start a planned economy in the game?
Please answer that question.

That’s what I don’t understand about your communism playing.

Its more of the joke that “communists share everything”.