The time hast come, peeps.
I have achieved ultimate power, I am at the peak of mankind.
You may question what I have done, but, one day you will understand, how great, how fantastic, how amazing it is.
This is the goal of life. The meaning. This is everything.


All i got to say is… Nice i guess?

as I said, one day, one day you will understand what I have done

I understand. One day, one day.

Are those what you’ve got from recycling? Or are you pointing on the Gargoyle? I’m sorta confused…

Dont summon the god of nice numbers D:

what :melting_face: i hope we understand one day

We will never comprehend this because you don’t understand what you understand.

I was indeed recycling, but that doesnt matter, just look at this beauty, this greatness

What are those blue dots hehe

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Ah I see, you are having a ritual with the holy number chosen by the gods.


this is me accidently making dots with snipping tool :unamused:

Lore :face_with_raised_eyebrow: