Auction House

Basically, you can put an item on the auction house, choose the duration, (1hr, 6hr,12hr, and 24hr) a starting bid, in bytecoins, and wait. Other people can bid on your auction, bidding 15% more than the previous bid. At the end of the auction, whoever had the highest bid wins the item, anyone else has their bytes refunded. You also get a notification if you are outbidded, and how much you were outbidded by. Your bytes are not returned until the end of the auction, so you keep adding to your bid.


This would be a pretty cool feature!
I think it works well with expensive items in the PWE :smiley:

One thing to add is that the auction page should sort by the highest bids and the bids with little time left.

I have a few questions about this

Would players have a chance to decline if the bid isn’t high enough

Is there tax?

Should it only be for items worth more than maybe 50wls or something
Because there’s no point bidding for a 4wl item

And lastly will it be used because if there are to many items auctioned will there be enough bids because you probably need like 5 bidders per item

Yeah, obviously there would be an area you can search for a specific item, and it would have settings for highest price, lowest price, and ending soon.

Tbh I have no clue. The devs would obviously change it to fit the game, I suppose that would entail having a minimum value, perhaps based off of average PWE sales.

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