Ayo what the hell?

this isn’t even possible to get and it was never in rare hair pack III bruh i was literally
playing pixel worlds in 2018 and this never came out (but i do remember seeying it if i remember correctly)

this was supposed to be in St. Patrick’s Booster in 2021 but never got released???

The information there isn’t correct, as far as I know only 1 person owned that hair, and it got confiscated by an admin.

no clue

bruh theres no proof that it ever got confiscated lol plus (why would admins give Neo admin hair?)

this was in game for only 5 minutes and we dont even know if someone owns one of these

was it puplic for 5 minutes

Thats what i heard from mishiro during st patrick event . Even tho we are not talking anymore

mmmmm ok then


i think neoslayer owned that hair if i’m not wrong, or one that looks like this i’m not sure

Neoslayer owned Ucut Long Red Hair.

If i remember correctly he mentioned that in another thread that it got removed when he tried to sell it.

If what you saying is true, then he tried getting rich by selling an unreleased item.
No wonder he became the “:angel:” that he is right now.

He owned the cc brown one i think.

As far as I understand, the item was released, it’s just that he was the only one to get it.

If so, then I don’t understand why it was confiscated.

How he got it tho… :thinking:

The Ucut Long Red Hair, I think my sister owns it. I will check her account to see if she really has it. I highly doubt it though.