Ban Appeal

What if there was a new Branch of “Moderators” who manage ban appeals?
Or, even maybe just, a new section within mod tools, that allowed moderators to read ban appeals [such as twitch and some discord bots have]

As for bans, most people are banned for legitimate reasons, and some are by mistake, and even wrong place, wrong time, but, just like you see the ban pop-up “bla bla banned for bla bla bla” what if it had a 3rd button with “appeal” and, just like the report screen, you could place an appeal, and you could place an appeal once during the quarter/half of your ban time [depending on the length of the ban, 5 days? no appeal / 10 days? 1 appeal / 40 days? 2 appeal / etc , [i’m not good at maths, but someone could make an equal ban length to appeal ratio]

Would this not be a good feature? as to allow for support to have less “ban appeal” clutter, and more important things, such as deeper suggestions and, reports such as ingame p*do spotted or, duplication group spotted, or non-game traders spotted etc?

The mods that are on break, as they do often still play the game, why not just, nudge they could read a small note for ban appeals casuallii as they play once in a while, just as they ban once in a while.

I personallii think it would be a neat feature, atleast for simple ban appeals.
[saying this because, i’ve personallii had to wait 3 years for my ban appeals to be read, and i have over 1 gig of evidence to back my claim of innocence up, as well as a large communitii who’re aware of my whereabouts during the accusation which led me to be banned almost 3? or 4? years ago, and if there was a ban appeal system, and a mod had the time to help handle it, i would not have had to wait that long to rid myself of the ban, however, thankfullii i got through, and i’m 100% clean on my account.]

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  • Ban Appeal = Good Idea
  • Ban Appeal = Bad Idea

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Hit or miss. Some bans like non-gaming trading wouldn’t be easy to appeal without looking at trade logs or chat history logs.

But like you said, wrong place wrong time bans could probably be quickly and easily addressed.

Definitely think an appeal option should exist. Press the button, write your text, and if the moderator can’t solve it, it’s forwarded to support where they email the address linked to your account if they require more information etc.

EDIT: Also would be pretty cool if the appeals were required to be approved by 2 moderators to reduce bias. Moderators would not be able to see what other moderator is on the case and what their response is.

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bad idea people generally get banned for 3650 and wait 1850 days. lets say one got banned for 30 days 15 days until they can appeal and how much time do you think mods will check it. 2 week? 3 week? idk.

1-30 days=5 days to wait
30-100= 10 days to wait
100-X etc etc

it is totally a good idea though

There should be an user interface to appeal a ban within the game that sends all the associated logs, info, and others.

Then, mods and admins could easily access appeals within the admin panel.

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True, some won’t be easii appeals [hence i stated “atleast for simple ban appeals”]
However, i do like your Edit to be approved by a second moderator, that would be a great failsafe for it! +1

That’s my issue, i’m not good at the maths for it, for example, someone with 3650d ban, they’d have to appeal at sub quarters, of 3650, whatever number that is, so [forgive my maths] 3 months? or 6 months? 6 months means 2 appelas per year for 10 years? or 3 meaning more per year for 10 years? yea? [someone could even the numbers out, but, am not the best to calculate that, i just have the idea, sorrii xd

for the ban appeals to work we firstly need to have a developer that bans people directly