Bank Bot Pin

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have our bank bots protected by a 4 digit pin? This would mean our items have an extra step of protection. You can set your pin then if you forget it you can reset via email. This way if our account somehow gets compromised you wouldn’t lose all of your valuables.


This could be a good idea, especially if a hacker is on your account. Like, some hacker could hack my account and try to get my stuff in the bank bot but he does not know the PIN so my things are still safe :slight_smile:

Yeah! This idea is 5/5!

This might actually make those 100k gems required for the last slot be worth it. Better safe than sorry…

This sounds like an overkill to me.

If a hacker has your password, it’s either because you shared it, you chose an easy password, or they hacked someone/the server with the ability to get your password (at that point they wouldn’t need your items/account at all)

Not sharing your password, and making it a hard-to-guess one, is the best way to protect your account.

A 4 digit pin is only 9,999 different combinations, a hacker would be ok with spending their time listing numbers 0-9999, considering that they probably used a bruteforce getting your account password to begin with (assuming you haven’t shared it). Maybe making the pin more complicated, or adding a cooldown would make it better.

I don’t see why you would want to limit it to the bank bot only, account protection should be free, it’s not a part of the game and bank bots cost a lot of gems/money. It would be better if we could make regular chests have a pin too, it’s more accessible to players than the bank bot.

Having an account password + a recovery email is more than enough nevertheless, but 5 people liked the topic so idk, maybe it could be useful for some people.

If you want to have more account protection, I would suggest that they make it possible for symbols (!@#$%^&*()-?) be used in passwords.

14,776,336 possible combinations for a 4 character password without symbols (Letters and numbers)

29,986,576 possible combinations for a 4 character password with the symbols I mentioned above (+ letters and numbers)


The only issue will be people forgetting their pins ;-;
Or others guessing it correctly (miraculously)

Stupid suggestion in my opinion.


Not at all, its just something there in case you need it. People will give away their passwords to scam accounts or fake admins no matter what. Its bound to happen. This will atleast mean they won’t lose everything and quit the game. They will learn their lesson amd keep some of their items.

Also, 4 digits was just a suggestion. It could be 5 or 6. This is just the foundations.

At the end of the day, if you don’t need it you don’t have to use it, some people would rather have it though than lose all of their items.

If you read the thread, I said you can request a reset through email. And maybe 5 failed pins in a row means locked out for 1 hour?

Thank you for this well thought out and insightful reply, it really added a lot of things to improve this suggestion.

Problems with this are…

  1. Most people couldn’t be bothered to put there valuables in and out of the bank bot every time they log out

  2. Forgetting password.

  3. Just kinda useless. Will only be used by very few people.


Please do it it would be so cool! :smiley:

I really don’t see how making peoples valuables safer is a useless feature though. If I were to ask every person who ever got hacked or fell for those fake mod applications/ fake admin messages who ended up quitting the game, I don’t think any one of them would say this is a useless feature.

At the end of the day its a feature for those who need it, but I don’t get why you’re so against it when it doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

Thank you for your opinion:)

I would assume there are technical/security reasons why those symbols aren’t allowed.
I don’t know much about this so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but allowing those symbols may open the way for hackers to exploit it by putting in code if the input isn’t sanitized correctly.


Or you could completely brute force find the password.
Thats what happened to Kanoha

I thought you want a bank bot pin for a sec lol

Pins like these and not the number thing lol


I think this is a good idea. But I would like to increase the number of digit to 8, as 4-digit password can be easily bypassed.

Secondly, I want to point our that players can store their untradable items in the Bank Bot. That means players can trade untradable items and sell it for in-game money or real money. The way is to share player 1’s bank digit to player 2 then change it later on.

90 percent of people who fall for those scams are gullible People or young kids and they wouldn’t be using the bank bot password

Also I couldn’t be bothered every single time I log in and out to be taking valuables from my bot and putting them back in again.

Make the actual account safer instead of this.

To be honest no matter how hard it is to hack an account.

There will always be the 7 year olds who fall for the

Did you know if you type your password it automatically
Turns into ••••••••••

Yeah, I mentioned bruteforce in the fourth paragraph