💀Banned cus i use ham radio a little to much

I use ham radio to send our message about cartexe world and i thing i send a bit to many and i got a ban no warning

spam is spam
was probably more than a “little” too much

no? spam as in global message spam.

that doesn’t take away from anything I said.

a player can not get banned for spamming in chat or ham radio

Yes you can what are you even saying lol

a person had literally flooded the chat with the same messages within that world and when I had notified a moderator about me I was told that this was not something bannable

I’ve literally reported people for spam in ham and worlds and they’ve been banned for it

yes, they can.

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Since when? Maybe announce that in game so people would understand that. Simple as that.

Its just common sense


Yeah there could be “ common sense” rules for people to understand, because some games don’t have “ common sense’’ rules

Spamming whenever it’s on radio, global messages or not is still considered as spamming

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people dont need to announce not to spam, bruh


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lmao what, that’s a dumb statement

How so? Besides dodging simple things to add in game, you could specify why.

Well then you can go inside the world “buy” or “deal”and ban all the people, who’re spamming .:thinking:

If you want people to follow some new unwritten banger rules, you should probably announce them, if you want them to follow to the rules.