Banned randomly

Hello, Greetings! My Pixelworlds username is Keef and I have been banned falsely for beeaking gamerules. I was afk in the world ‘BUY’ then suddenly got banned for no particular reason. Pixel worlds is part of my daily routine I have gained my wealth without breaking any game rules, and it’s a huge slap to the face for being banned falsely. I have been playing since 2017 and not once did I indulge on rulebreaking activities. The ban was unjustified and uncalled for. The mods have no evidence. I was deemed guilty without evidence.
I hope this post merits your attention.
Have a great weekend

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past few weeks they did a lot of mistakes when it comes into banning accounts.i hope ghet realise you re innocent and get your account unbanned earlier

You can message their support:, but the problem is, u have to wait for the response

you are not the first neither the last one , pixel worlds has had power abuse incidents for years , now they are more frequent because there is a lack of active admins in pixel worlds game

if any
also lets remember that during the weekends they are not working (as far as I know)

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It is worth emailing the support .

Lokalapsi has gone on record to say they are looking at the emails , she did indicate they need time …

Id like to think some of the messages put in this forum about this problem have been noticed (my own included)

Good luck…

Ps - i noticed you were in buy, have you considered what you were doing/bought there? That trade world is a black market for duped items , only saying …

Yes it’s true support hasn’t been active for 2 weeks, a lot of my friends got banned for no reason, and support doesn’t respond, I dont know if Devs are busy making some trash summer update or not, but they def should need to read their emails and fix unjustified bans

lokalapsi is on maternity leave currently so what she said does not match what is happening currently

Didn’t know that .

That’s quite disturbing…

I reckon the banning problem is so bad it’s discouraging players …
Certainly makes me think …


Most of the time a ban is implemented, there is a reason for it as a mod has actively gone ahead to your user profile and applied the ban, I think your best shot is either to wait your time or email support.

The thing is, with cases like these, mods will not go ahead and ban you for “no reason”. There is always a reason and you should be honest with that fact. I hope you have a great weekend and if you were punished rightfully, you should accept it and wait it out. If anything, it’ll be more exciting to come back after your punishment is over. :slight_smile:

Like I said, I haven’t done any game breaking activities. I was suspected of illegal trading along with other wealthy players. If I had done something violating the game rules, I wouldve been given a valid reason as to why, and not just ban me for afking in a world. Me along with other falsely accused players have the right to get our ban lifted.

Not true at all, mods these days are insensitive and careless. They would ban people for almost no reason without an ounce of research and call it a day, and when there is real need of them they excuse themselves as busy and/or on a break most of the time.

This is quite false, are you a new player ?

seeing people being somewhat oblivious to this situation is hurtful

I see, and did you do any trades of passing large bc to another person with nothing in exchange?

Please don’t trust mets List, he’s scammer and shouldn’t be trusted he doesn’t know anything about those people on that list, also there are rumours that he illegal traded, but idk about that, all I know is that he scammed a lot of people in p2p worlds, so yeah he’s edgy dude, don’t even look at that list, its full of none sense

Hello Keef, I suggest emailing in that case.

I have emailed them twice before posting here in forums.

M1ro made a hella good Instagram post about this whole situation…

Very well spoken. Though i dont really care if I couldnt play for a month, since I have more important matters to deal with in real life. I just want to give my friend’s AK back. he lent it to me before going to sleep and he’s in utter dismay when he found out that I got banned randomly. And now he also has to get punished from the mod’s unfavorable actions.