Bbuy 2 letter worlds

Buy 2 letter worlds, no number or symbol unless cheap. Also buying 3 letter worlds with triple same letter (MMM, FFF)

Fyi a few months back I sold D7 for 280k, i cleared it, other than that standard . I know i did well but it still happened

These number/letter worlds are actually valuable

Very easy to type and there are only a small number compared to say 3 letter worlds. Worth way more than them imo

Another big name in world ownership who i happened to bump into said to me he has given up on 2 letter world hunting it’s just almost impossible

I agree with him for two reasons

  • several communities all they do all day everyday is look for 2 letter worlds

  • there is also some kind of hack list which basically tells you the last time a player was in game …

On the latter i have lost out multiple times to players turning up at the exact moment … It’s way too many to be coincidence… They must have known

uuuh , this somewhat depends on the person who is willing to buy said worlds

I had multiple buyers bidding …

I only sold it because I found another 2 letter/symbol which is even rarer and one I’d been following for some time… plus I have more than enough worlds ! xD

I say again letter/number combinations are rare and not something any player easily finds (getting super lucky helps!)… Part of me wishes i hadn’t just for that reason …