⚠️ Help/Support Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

Help and Support

Welcome to the Help and Support FAQ. Below, you will find a list of frequented questions/situations that players before you may have had and the best steps to take moving forward.

As a preface to this thread, I am no moderator nor do I have any say or control over the situations seen below. If you have any questions about a situation that you do not see here, it is recommended that you send a detailed email to support@kukouri.com.

Frequently Asked Questions and Situations (click on a question to open the answer)

I was scammed / scammed in a drop game! Can I get my items back?

Unfortunately, the items that you lost will not be returned and so we recommend you to not trust your items to anybody. Like real life, the items you earn in-game can be lost by aresult of others' actions. By using the drop feature, you are allowing other players to take control of your items, especially if it is in a world that you do not have control over.

If you have been scammed, you can report a player for this by clicking the people icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, selecting the name of the player that scammed you, clicking report, then selecting a reason. You will also have the ability to detail what occurred. Provide as much information as you can, and the remaining actions needed to be taken against that player will be handled accordingly.

I was banned but have no idea why/was falsely banned, what should i do?

Send an email to support@kukouri.com.

Please be thorough with your email. Include your in-game name, your time zone, the time that you saw that you were banned, the reason stated for your ban, and anything you remember that could have resulted in this occurring.

The administrators will review this and actions will be taken depending on what caused your ban. Remember to always follow the rules and add as much evidences as you can to prove your innocence if you were falsely banned.

I lost my world / items without / after a crash ! / The world owner is different / The world had a rollback, what should i do?

In very rare cases, the world you're in could crash causing it to rollback to a previous cases resulting in you losing items sometimes, but don't worry!

Support is here to help you and you should send an email with your in-game name, world you were in, the items you’ve lost and the time when it happened.

All those crucial informations will help developpers to investigate and help you recover whatever was lost during the process.

If you lost your world, that also can be due to inactivity, for instance:
A newbie lock decay after 30 days.
Small, Medium, Large, Battle Lock, Faction Lock decay after 90 days.
World Lock, Dark World Lock, Platinum Lock, Battle World Lock and Faction world Lock decay after 365 days.

I gave my login information to a site that said I could get free gems, and now I cannot log into my account!

If you click the question mark icon in the main menu of Pixel Worlds, you will have the option to view the Game Rules. Included in these is point number three, which says, "Do not share your password with anyone." The reason this is a rule is not to scare you, but to actually protect you.

Before assuming the worst, check to see that you are not already logged into your account on an alternate device. Sometimes, if you do not close the application all the way, the game may not recognize that you’re technically not on that device anymore. If you are still not able to log in, your account may have been breached. Continue trying to access your account while simultaneously sending an email to the one linked at the top of this thread. Put something like ‘URGENT’ in your subject line, making sure to detail your account name in the subject. If you manage to log into your account, immediately change your password regardless of if any items have been lost. If you have already given it out, then someone could still log in to your account in the future.

To change your account password, click the account tab in the main menu, then select ‘Change Password’ at the bottom of the pop up. It is recommended that your password have symbols, numbers, and letters (capitalized and not).

Moving forward, understand that there are no free ways to get gems or items, and if a website requires you to enter your username or password, it is not only against the rules, but also too good to be true.

I forgot my password! What should I do?

Under account information in the main menu, you should see a button labeled ‘Change Password’. If you have a verification email already linked, you can press this button to receive a form to change your password. Make sure that the email you receive is from Pixel Worlds, then go about changing your password.

If you are stuck out of your account and do not remember the password associated with your account, send an email to the one linked above. Explain your account name, when you were locked out of your account, and the issue of you forgetting your password. To help your case, you can also include images of previous in-game purchases that you may have made through your account in order to verify that you are the true owner.

A player keeps calling me names. How do I get them to stop?

Sorry to hear that someone has been calling you names. The best way to prevent this is by using the in-game mute feature.

By holding down on a specific player’s message in the chat box at the top of your screen, you will be given the option to mute that player. If you think what they are saying is against the game rules, you can instead opt to select the report button, where you can select which rule you believe they are breaking on top of muting the player.

This feature allows you to ignore players that may be unfriendly.

I have not logged into my account in a while, and I lost all my worlds! Can I get the worlds back?

Sorry about your worlds. Unfortunately, there is no way your worlds can be returned to you.

This is a feature intended to allow players to continuously cycle worlds and give players the opportunity to use world names that they like if the owner does not play the game anymore. It is best recommended that you continue to play in a new world.

For reference you can view the decay time for types of locks by clicking here.

I left my world and forgot the name. Did I lose my world forever?

Luckily for you, there are a couple of methods to rediscovering your world. By clicking the recently visited worlds button in the main menu, you can see recent worlds that you have been in; hopefully one of these yours.

It is recommended that you use the favorited worlds feature to see all the worlds you like; I hope this includes yours.

Furthermore, an item called the World Hologram allows you to see all worlds that are World Locked by your account. A World Lock can be purchased for 3,500 gems from the in-game store.

I think a player is cheating. They have a blue name. What do I do?

The player you have encountered is an in-game moderator. Fortunately, the player is not hacking. In fact, the player you've encountered is quite the opposite. Their goal is to help enforce the rules and provide a positive image of the community.

By clicking here, you can view all current in-game moderators as well as moderators of other platforms and administrators.

I reported a player, but they have not been banned. Why?

Sorry to hear this. The current in-game moderators received hundreds of thousands of reports a year, and they work as a team to manage the playerbase to the best of their abilities in order to keep the same in accordance with the established rules. Sometimes, players will slip through the cracks and may perform a few rule-breaking actions without receiving any sort of punishment.

You can continue to do your part by reporting all players that you believe to be breaking the established game rules. Understand that in-game moderators are people too, and they cannot get everyone, much like the real world. Also understand that they do their best to help everyone and give everyone the best possible outcome for every situation.

A hacker broke into my world! What do I do?

Utilize the report feature once again. There will be an option to report the player for a hacking suspicion.

Furthermore, you can explain in your report that the player stole your items from your world as a hacker.

I would also recommend sending an email to Kukouri’s support linked above and explain the situation thoroughly. While the administrative team has no obligation to return your items, you may just get lucky.

The gem package that I purchased never came to my account. Can I get a refund?

If you purchased a gem package through the Pixel Worlds store, you should have received a receipt to your email. Send an email to the above linked support email and explain thoroughly; make sure to include the gem package you purchased. You can also provide a picture of the receipt where you will either be refunded or force given the gems you intended to get for your account.

Can I sell my items for real life money?

Point number 10 in the in-game Game Rules states, "Trading money or goods and services, including items from other games for ingame services or items is not allowed. *Violation will result in a ban*."

So, the short answer is no, you cannot sell your items for real life cash. You are always welcome to trade your items for something else that you like in-game as long as you are not making a real-life profit off of it.

I was going to report a player, but they left the world. What should I do?

You have the ability to report a player after they have left the world.

Viewing the chat box at the top of your screen, hold down a message that shows that a specific player was breaking the rules. You can then select report, then a reason for your report. You will also be given the option to mute the player.

I want to be a moderator to help ban scammers. How can I be one?

The administrators are happy that you want to help, and I am too! Understand that it is a thorough process that administrators take to select moderators, and they look for select criterion displayed by typically veteran players of the game.

Remember that you are playing a game, and above all, you should be playing this game as a player before even considering being a moderator.

Currently, there is a moderator application that is open. You can view it or choose to apply by clicking here. Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Additional Information:

The current forum moderators include RetNos, xSHANEx and MrGrandman. The current administrator on this forum is Lokalapsi. Any information seen in this thread can be verified by private messaging one of these users as they will be more than happy to answer.

The following link will send you to the Pixel Worlds general FAQ which details how to forum and overall “foruming” etiquette: FAQ.

Create a forum account by clicking “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

To reiterate, if any of the above prompts did not answer a question you have or compare to a situation you are in, please email support@kukouri.com linked at the top of the thread or by clicking the email seen above. You can also choose to post a thread in the Help and Support category after creating an account and reading the forum rules.

Good luck, and I hope to see you in Pixel Worlds!