"bed"/ant wars Pw

basically, checkpoints around the map, protect and destroy other peoples ones
Battle world lock with place, destroy and kill on.
Dig into the ground and make a base etc
ALL blocks allowed.
winner gets paid 250 bc from everyone else

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I think it’s already been suggested here once.

Plus it’s pretty much copied from minecraft, just with different name.

this one is WAAY simpler.

Me and Kabunga played this with a small lock lol.
Ez 250 bc

made a thread about this i called it spawns wars. ive been working on the world for a few weeks now

I made it in 2 seconds with a small lock and one friend

i want the world to look good plus i made a more in depth version in one of my threads, how do you link threads because i forgor :skull:

I just used a new world

come to dumblebungus


You can’t copyright ideas, so it’s not illegal.

It’s not bad to copy ideas neither, bedwars was first created by one minecraft server, then other servers copied it and now you see it everywhere.