Best bc/gem farm tactic?

whats the best way to get reliable byte coin / gem?

mine, for both of them just mine

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Mining if you want to be a soulless husk and a slave to capitalism

Fishing if you like a slower, but more free and social method of profit

better than being slave of socialism

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I think mining is definitely the best method

@Neoslayer see this man gets it

What others said but if you are asking specific to farming then spike bombs.
Although BBB blocks give you a much better supply of seeds as such you can get so many more of them. Gem yield is good

Nothing special is required to farm them both fishing and mining need the equipment…

fArMiNg sOLoIL iS tHE BSeT MthEoD!1!!!1!!1!1!1!!1

scam someone pro like @Neoslayer and you rich quick :ok_hand:

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slower but more slower = netehtr