Best browser game you ever played?

Mine is Conflict of Nations WW3

Realm of the mad god. But it is no longer a browser game.

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Supermechs is fun (Preferedly the downloaded version cause the version I just sent lags alot more)

Not the best, but…

Haha fUnNy sKELEtOn fIGht

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Tanki online. It used to be my favorite.

Yes. I remember that game, it was so good

Kinda off topic but I wanna make my own browser game sometime this summer. It sounds like a really fun project.

Territorial io. All you need is strategy and yea

Literally Minecraft xd

Actually nvm, my favorite browser game is probably Totul Simulator made by GargoylePW on scratch

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Prolly just Friv or Y8 lmao

Age of War 2, I spent more than 500 hours for sure :joy:

Anti-idle: the game.

Club Penguin and Adventure Quest Worlds dominated my early childhood lol

Pet Society - Facebook Game

coaster town is a old favorite. The game has died tho since the developer disappeared.

looks at the current state of PW

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