Best contest ever 😊

Gargoyle just won 4 times lol
i find it so funny that the game is so alive that they had to use the serious entries like 4 times because out of the 20 or so entries they could barely find any that was serious

Game weally alive i swear i swear!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats tho guys lol


Honestly, this is very depressing. Almost nobody entered to the contest because the playerbase is so tiny.

yea but thats charizard

Its also because wiring is underrated and people dont know how to make something great (mostly)

My prediction was almost right

How could he win 4x while there are more entries in IG. All winners was picked in Forums tho, some were deleted obviously cuz they didn’t win. There was no rules, just post a picture. I think @Siskea or to whom it may concerns didn’t elaborate the rule properly.

Congrats tho.

or not smart to understand logic gates

Oh ive checked Ig some winner’s are in Ig