Best way to deal with spambots?

I have to ban around 40 a day, does anyone know if there’s a way to overload their script or something?

You can make an anti-bot system (copy popular worlds).


I would like to know more on this.

I have two world’s that are as good as unplayable because of them

Also how do you delete glitched donations boxes… because they show as having items you can’t delete them :anger::rage:

I mention it here cos it must be the same bots , the ones who have made me close a guest book as well.

I have simply given up banning them - it only works intermittently anyway. They also can’t be killed with lasers, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.

The bots are controlled/monitored and it’s clear that the player(s) involved do also go looking elsewhere, I’ve seen evidence of this in several places…

I’ve pretty much stopped playing because of them . Well done to Kukouri :clap:t2: :clap:t2: sarcasm intended!

Place locked hatches (horizontal doors) near to entrance and every open portal.
People can pass them horizontally, bots thinking they’re solid block.

Ok i guess will work until they realise.

Main problem I have with that is world design. :thinking:

what will changing how they think make any difference?

just try to place hatch, it work. Make sure to place near entrance and other unlocked portals with entry point

this still doesnt tell me what it does, how the heck am I gonna make this work

He quite literally explained what it does, the bots recognize the hatch as an item you can not go through although hatches prevent players from going upwards not inwards

I wouldn’t say it should be particularly hard to circumvent that. If your bot doesn’t have a hashmap of blocks that it can pass through and which you can edit easily, I’d say you suck at programming.

This literally does not explain anything because they teleport through portals anyway

On this is not only open portals? After I locked all the portals in one of my worlds it seemed to stop?

That said at that point I’d pretty much stopped visiting it! :frowning:

sadly I need open portals for my fishing world to function

I know this feeling , I’ve basically closed my world at FISHERMANSSS

Copy buy or sale (20 characters)

What do you mean by copy, buy or sale?

The anti-bot design in buy & sale.

I was wondering what that was all about lol

It’s an easy world to re configure though. It’s only a trading place after all. …