Best way to start byte profit?

So i have recently made a farm world where i farm glass block and wooden platform. is there any other way to start byte profit? (excluding trading)

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Mass produce items and sell for bytes.
Put orders and wait until you get something cheap then sell it again with higher price :slight_smile:

i mostly order items for cheaper price, made 4K bc in one day;)

Just mine bro, i made 3 platinum locks in 3 days.

wait what? You probably have a high quality mining set, I usually get 5-10 a day

i use heavy pickaxe and thats all. I just played for like 10 hours a day non stop mine

wtf bro, don’t you have school or chores to do? That’s like half a day, playing 10 hours non stop can damage your eyes, take a 10 minute break after 1 hour, you don’t wanna be like my kid-self, trust me

Yeah i have online school i play basketball outside for like hour and a half aswell. I study fast we don’t get much work i usually finish my stuff in the morning.

Sleep 0 (20 chars bla bla bla)