Beware of this scam

I just wanted everybody to watch this video and be aware of this scam try to avoid trading worlds


If somebody overpays for your exp items and it’s a world trade that is very sus try to avoid world trades also if other players in world ban them

I really hope the devs can stop this hack from happening because there is not much players can do to stop it



Whoa! Thank you for sharing it here! I didn’t know that’s possible. Literally people are hacking and getting rich.

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This is getting ridiculous. At this point, you should even avoid other players in overall to reduce risk of getting yourself scammed. Thanks for pointing this out.

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i though it was a RickRoll lol. but thats kinda scary that this can happen hopefully it doesn’t happen outside trading worlds.


Ye this is pretty scary it could make lots of players quit the game this hack is just so overpowered

people with low experience has the higher chances of getting scammed by this.

this should be mentioned by new players so that they wouldn’t get scammed.

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Tbh anybody can get scammed by this and if it’s a new player they won’t be targeted because they don’t have expensive items so I rly don’t think they need to know about this

i know, its kinda sad to see those hard-working new people just to end by this.

the game should also warn players by this, specially those ‘’ go to my world - drop item even if you own the world - hax - skem ‘’.

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Thanks for mentioning this. I’ll be sure to watch out.

Nobody can scam me though, since I have nothing.


Ik your new but I’m sure you have something :wink:

900 byte coins and about 3-4 world locks in other assets. I wouldn’t exactly call that anything. :upside_down_face:

Wait what? That’s impossible

@Beta That’s what I thought but some hackers can do anything

what is exp items? something that idk or anything

Woah, that’s crazy. I miss the days where they would trap you in a box and ask you sincerely to drop all of your items and get scammed, but now we have this.