Boss Fight | Wiring Contest Entry

World Name: BOSS_FIGHT
Creation: A “boss fight” minigame

A fun 2-part boss fight in which takes roughly 1m 30s to go through using various wiring components to create a challenging “boss fight”. The 1st section focuses mostly on fireball shooters while the second part is themed around the electro trap as well as some fireball shooters. You can try it out at the world BOSS_FIGHT.

In-game Name: Kaluub

World Screenshots

With wiring:

Without wiring:


I wanted to test this boss fight but i couldn’t because the button is not open for public…

Look, even the leprechaun is sad…

Oops! My bad. I forgot to open it, haha. Didn’t even think about that since it wasn’t an issue for me… Well, it’s fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

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