Both bug?


T̷h̸e̶y̸’̸r̵e̶ ̵a̷l̷w̴a̷y̶s̷ ̵w̷a̴t̴c̶h̶i̸n̷g̴.̴

Well when you left somebody else joined.

the chances of me continuously leaving and joining back in and having them leave and join at the same time doesn’t add up

You know what else doesn’t add up, this unusual bug. Both is a very popular world. It could have happened.

so i did this like 5 times.

the chances of them leaving and joining exactly then is so slim

Another solution is if there is admins in there(although idoubt, they don’t show up as extra player

I actually thought you might be right I went to pw main menu it said 2 players I then went into both I was the only one there I went back out to menu still 2 people I went back in another guy was there he left after about 3 seconds.

I think that the player count is not exact to the time it takes maybe 10 seconds to load so those 2 players in the world could be from 10 seconds ago.

But maybe your right ima look more into this.

Actually I think they do, I went to @Trailerworld before one time and saw 2 extra ppl in the menu when there wasn’t any extra 2 ppl in the world

ye is real both have bug

Wondering how many people trolled themselves to test this.

Well, it’s gonna be that plus one in just five minutes.

Wait, there is no portal now?

Why hasn’t anyone told me? :disappointed_relieved: