Bring back the old zoom toggle feature for mobile

The new zoom toggle feature for mobile is quite hard to use and unhandy, compared to old one that you just tap the zoom button to quickly adjust your screen. I tried using my phone to play Pixel Worlds for some Netherworld adventure but it had been a bit sluggish and buggy. Playing dungeons on PC felt more superior when it has changed on mobile. But instead of replacing the new one, I’ve thought of some ways to bring back the old zoom feature:

  1. Button Gesture: Short tap toggles the screen, whilst holding+swiping the button shows the slider.

  2. Physical Gesture: Pinching the screen toggles it, no smooth toggling to reduce lags.

  3. Players can choose which one would they like to use from the settings, be it tap to toggle or slider.

What do you guys think?

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I think that the first part to this becoming a thing if devs spend an actual time looking at the damn forum