Bring back WLs!

I refuse to update the game because updating means that my WLs are becoming useless.

Bring WLs back so I can finally update and experience the card game.

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I don’t think they can bring them back. Update the game and have some fun.


No, I am not going to let my WLs have no value. They should bring them back or I just play GT for the time being. At least Ubisoft didn’t get this bright idea.

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Overall, moving forward and for the current time being, byte coins are the best option. This is for a few reasons, but a simple summary is that changing the game from two currencies to one makes it a lot clearer for pricing and the economy overall, for new players and veterans alike.

Your world locks aren’t useless, they can be exchanged in PIXELSTATION via the PWE Vendor, for 250-byte coins per world lock.

Kukouri made a smart decision rolling this out, but for some, it will take some time to adapt.




How is 250 more clear than 1. How.


I just want to point out that none of this effected me at all. lol i would however like my nooby lock back, and since where on the subject of nooby locks, they should last forever and just return to invintory every 30 days.

there is a pool of tears where my nooby lock used to be, we have conqured many a world’ together! it will be missed :frowning:

They will mostlikely never bring wls back and besides if you do not exchange your wls into bytes before the next update you will just loose a bunch of your wls because they will change the value of the byte coins in the byte coin dude to the 219 bytes at some point

You are overreacting.


I’d say they’re much in the same. 250 is pretty easy to calculate when it comes to small and large quantities, same as using 1. After some time, we won’t think of “How much is this in world locks, and what is that converted”. All we’ll have is the byte coin amount, and that’s it.

No, I’m not. WLs are the OG currency and were used since the beginning of this game. And now someone gets the VERY BRIGHT idea of forcing them to not be a currency, and regardless of community opinion, they still decide to do it.

This is what farmers from the dark ages who traded animals said when currency became a thing.


just turn them into bytes lol

BC should remain as a PWE currency and WLs should remain as a trading currency which also doubles down as a world protection item.

BC are NOT the new future and will never be.

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I will not change them to bytes, as they are meant as the PWE currency. WLs are a trading currency.

And WLs also double down as LOCKS, while coins double down as nothing.

Literally all of your topics are negative and sour
Perhaps it’s time to let this game go if you’re not enjoying it.

You really should exchange them to bytes before the exchange rates go back down again.

I enjoy PW and Jake’s streams, just not the WL decision.

if people like ondrashek got what they wanted in real life. we would be trading using euro but also trading using shells.

More like trading with both EUR and CZK, but whatever.