broken world

please remove the broken world lock function. small world lock can be broken. no problem . If the world lock is broken? why !!! , I work hard to make my world, if I can’t have my world permanently. what is the world key for??? , what do I have to do? . please remove the broken world system

First of all, it’s not called “broken lock system” (you may not know game mechanic names as much as I do and that’s totally okay), it’s called “lock decaying”.

Second, you can just log in for 3 seconds to refresh the locks decaying timer? And the time it takes for a world lock to decay is 365 days, that’s a whole year! Enough time for you to login atleast once. This makes it sort of permanent as long as you remember to login.

To me, the decaying system is actually really cool. It gives a way for me to receive a cool world without having to put in much effort apart from finding it (although I haven’t found any “cool” worlds yet).

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hey man!
this system actually helps the game.
how you ask?
when a guy tries to make a world and finds a great name he would be mad if it was owned by someone else but he would still open a new world with some random numbers at the end(which damages the storage of the servers). Lets say you really want a world named ndokmu but someone else took it and left the game forever! its not fair since a rich troll can lock very good named worlds before quitting. and hey its not so hard to enter the game once or twice a month or a year


What they all said

The game would be a disaster if you could just literally lock things down and never come back

I always say this but in my opinion 1 yr is too long should be 6 MTHS max …

Might actually encourage folks to visit the game more often. … which in turn would generate more players … :thinking:

Not everyone will just sign in and out …

Someone has to say it but If you can’t be bothered to visit the game one time in 12 months then don’t come on here moaning about decayed locks . Get over it.


If my world has a lot, how do I visit it?
do i have to swap one by one?

You just have to open the game even without entering each worlds so your locks will not decay. Assuming that you have been inactive for consecutive periods of time, Small Locks and similar locks with range limit stays undecayed for at least 90 days while World Locks last for a year (365 days).