Buff for Byte Coins

Buff for Byte Coins
Why are byte coins better than world locks?
Here is why and what we gonna do with locks:

1-You can buy different type of blocks, props, traps, clothes much more easier by using PWE.

2-There is no point using world locks if there is no vending machine.

3-World locks should be only for worlds and exchange it from NPC to get Byte/Doge Coin.

What if amount of world locks decreases?
Well, if it decreases then players needs to earn gems to buy more world locks from the shop.

Now you will be able to convert Byte coins into Doge coins, this feature makes buying or selling expensive stuff easier.

21.900 Byte coins = 1 Doge Coin
219.000 Byte coins = 10 Doge Coin
Buying for PL from NPC
1 PL = 1 Doge Coin
10 PL = 10 Doge Coin

New features for locks
World lock: Nothing new
Dark Lock: Unban/Black list
Platinum Lock: Unban/Black list/Kill all/Summon all

Very nice idea but new lock features pretty op in my opinion :thinking:

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Why not add something like Ethereum or Cardano?

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I don’t agree on calling them doge coins, but I do agree with the idea, since byte coins will be the new main currency then we would need to convert byte coins to better byte coins so calculating would we much easier. How could you buy something worth 35 PLS with byte coins we have now? 100 Bytes to a better byte, haven’t thought of a name myself, but doge seems random.

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Imagine when 1 byte coin worth 1wl :thinking:. ( I know it’s impossible)

lmao i watch lately zgorya (i forgot name but something like that) he has 5 million bytes.

There’s no point in limiting features to specific locks, most people aren’t going to bother investing 100 world locks into a world, just so they can kill, or summon everyone.

I could see the idea behind it if you’re limiting the features to richer players, because they’re more likely to be trustworthy or something, but there’s really no way to make sure that the person using the feature has good intentions. It would probably be better to lock the features behind a level barrier, I think, as that would actually require people to invest time, and understand the game, making them less likely to abuse the power.

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having specific features for specific locks is completely counterintuitive for the Devs ideas that they want Bytes to be the new currency. If anything, only dark locks should have something like a special Kick animation.

Hello there.

I’d say i like the bytecoin suggestion, its just. the name should be different.
for the new new features, world lock should have kill all/unban. dark lock for blacklist/unban/kill all. and for pl an additional summon all?

That would be pretty cool, or a death animation that’s applied to everyone in the world.