Buff mining gear

ive got miners mask miners backpack excavator glasses deepdweller shirt epic pickaxe and still i have not after 8 whole lvl 5 mine i have not got a single huge diamond or pwatch PLEASE BUFF IM GOING INSANE

The mining method is already absurdly great and you’re asking for more :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Hey, buddy! Not gonna happen anytime soon.
If y’all have bad luck, then just degrade your level. I used to do Level 3 with a set compatible for level 5 because I had bad luck.

8 lvl 5 mines and no diamond huges or pwatches is normal so no need for complaining

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I feel you… after 1k plats i only got 4 mechanical boxes… Guess we are both unlucky…

Just dont waste your level 5 keys on actually entering the mine. A level 5 mine is like gambling, you have a low chance of getting something good and if u did, u probably wasted like 10 keys, so there is no profit. Just dont go to level 5 mines, that’s all I can say.