Bug fishing account

Why does my account always experience lure loss and never get fish while fishing, I’ve used all the fishing gear but nothing has changed my account name is kruzxi

Have you tried equipping the fishing amulet thingy?

I have used amullet fish but its the same

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I don’t really know what’s this case, probably a bug or a glitch idk

Pls fix my account, i was lvl 80 but my fishing always lure lost and need get a long time tl strike like 15 minutes if strike always lure lost pls mod i need your help

try log out and log in account back

I was do all, but not change everywhere

@InzY you re mkderator why you cant help i play your game and your player have some problem!!!

No, I am not a moderator, have you tried using amulet?

have you tried just swap yoyr fishing set on your alt account and fishing there?

This could be due to network issues or you not catching the fish in time. I’d recommend you check your network speed at speedtest.net or reinstall the application to see if that makes a difference.

My account to get bug lure lose , lame strike , always stolen plss some mod whyy , :pleading_face:

My account Nick : Handsome

I reckon you have a combination of issues

Poor internet
Trying to fish in the wrong places (depths) with the wrong lure for the waters you are in
Using rare lures on budget rods
Possibly a poor set

I would 100% recommend you go to a tried and tested world such as ROD. This will rule out a glitch or problem with the world you are using

Take a general fishing lure and try go into the Herring or Kingfish portal and fish there. These can always be caught with general lures

If the lure lost prob persists (everyone fishing gets this occasionally!) then try and find someone else who plays and see what’s going on.

If the problem reduces, practice.

I was terrible when I first started …

Anyways good luck

its not skill problem or wifi problem, just a normal game issue / bugs / glitch. Everyone has the same problem even me. Even tho using amulet still same. common problem happened for like almost 8 month and the game still have not look into it. what a game

Well ok but remember the effect set items have on game play is a boost or reduction . Take the Amulets as an example, they won’t eliminate the problem only reduce its occurrence.

For the record Im fishing more than I ever have right now and I don’t have major issues . I have Amulets on a rodster set I still get lost lures.

One oddity I got the other day was fishing for dumb fish and got 8 ingredient items in 10 casts !

I just put it down to randomness. I don’t actually need them I’m drowning in them … :laughing: