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For world building preparations.


Only usable in worlds owned with a world lock.

Use with the wrench.

Only visible to the one who placed it. Can be passed through.


Left mouse button click/hold places a permanent colored outline (similar to a locked area outline) in a 1x1 tile. Right mouse button click/hold deletes the 1x1 outline.

Zoom in/out, move-able flight camera of the entire world in order to make a template without player building limitations.

Uses red/green/blue values, hex codes, and an on-screen square color pallet to choose the different colors and contrasts for the outline. (Something like this Source: top Google search results)

When enabled, can display full colored opaque tiles instead of outlines.

Also, when enabled, displays the Width x Height dimensions all different outlines. 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 and 1x4 dimensions are invisible to disallow visual lag.

There is this app called what you can use. :smiley:

I don’t plan on building since I quit. This is more of an built in feature for players who can’t be bothered to follow an off-screen template nor afford to made mistakes from said template.

If its building feature why would he want use rbg or hex codes? Idk but there is PW Tools for that :smiley:

Idk what that is but my guess it’s full on world building and decorating preparations.

My idea is more of areas that your just going to outline for area reservations for world building. Not for wide-scale world projects. Only then would that software be used.

rbg is what many games, websites, and graphic designs tools use… same with hex color codes…
if a player can’t be bothered to find their favorite color on a color pallet, they can choose a set version of their favorite color and paste it as a code…

pretty sure signs and other text display props use hex codes in association with something similar to bbcode for colored text display

Yes i know what rbg and hex is but if you want desing your world why would you want to do that with rbg or hex and not blocks :confused:

That would be a waste of blocks. Especially if a player made a mistake or if they wanted to make major changes while already placing blocks. Thus they would have to either wait to regrow their blocks or buy their blocks again.

Waste is no good. No one likes to waste things. No one profits from waste. There’s a use for everything without the need to waste things. Wouldn’t you feel better if you didn’t have to waste things all the time? (excluding time itself ~face palm~)

This but instead of rbg and hex you have infinite amount of every block so you can design that world with that and build on top of that

That means the devs would have to program entire item list into the template building feature… Not to they would also have to program new and separate heads up display over the existing one just for that. Basically a restricted permissions creative mode building feature.

That really differentiates from my idea. It’s only outlines. Only outlines. Not for big project designs. Calm down friend.

U weird :smiley: :smiley: lol

I’m taking that as a compliment.

Weird is unique. Unique is good.

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