Buying right now

Right I want to add the elite and pro water guns to my collection.

The elite as I understand it was duped . Is this true ? There are plenty on the PWE right now

So question is can I buy? …

I want them, not to flip on for a profit but because I want to keep them.

On that if they are duped why hasn’t game removed them? I don’t get it

Same could be said about the Drac Cape as well

Thanks, all thoughts welcome

If they removed it, it wont be fair to those who buyed it using their own hard worked bc, if they offered a rollback (bc refund) then economy changes will make it unfair. for example someone buyed drac when it was 200k and it was dupe, and they remvoed it and added 200k back to balance, but now drac rise to 1m, they will lose bc.

too compliacted also

Well your reply is a bit late :joy:

I did pick one up, and I’m fairly sure it’s not duped