Bytes coin exchange rate

Currently the rate is 250/1 wl, which is great. However if I remember correctly, Jake said that would change in August or something, back to 219.
I believe it should stay at 250/1 wl, as it is easier to calculate. Plus if the rate is changed again PWE average will be confusing.

Yeha, changing it back is just stupid. I mentioned this as well as other things they should do in my video

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Having it at 250 would mean that the WL price would be 4000 gems. If that wouldn’t be changed, the best way to buy Byte Coins would be buying locks and exchanging them (pro tip for now). We’ve actually added to player wealth and inflation by changing the rate to 250. Yeah, the number 219 doesn’t look pretty, but that’s just the actual gem value of a WL, that’s all there is to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we removed the whole exchange feature at some point (there are no plans to do so).


The gem to byte coin rate could be changed in the shop. And about the byte coin inflation, there could be more ways to burn bytes added in the future. So far there’s only deposit/provision in PWE, Superhero NPC who converts bc to Blue Particles and wishing wells (most of the time). Maybe bytes could be used as a BlackTower fee (as well as gems and souls), or boosters could have a byte option as well as the current gem option.