| Calculate Gems, Share the Link, Profit Easy!

Its been a while since my last project! (Pixelworlds Imager) but now I am back with my newest creation. A complete remake of my gem calculating website PW gems, now known as! lets you create what I like to call gem-tables and share then easily with other players! Previously with pwgems the link for sharing was long (and scary), however now when you want to share your gem-table with a potential buyer, all it takes is a short THREE LETTER CODE which they can load up and see your table!

For example here’s a gem-table in the shape of a smiley face!
You can either follow the link or load up the code YTO on your screen.

By making this code feature I hope to make trading gems in-game much easier for the buyer and seller. I hope you enjoy using the website!


ps. the copy text buttons don’t work yet on the website. just copy the text yourself for now : )


Thanks for making this Shawn!

I want to let you know that I have been motivated to learn how to code by your creations! I was too lazy so thanks. : D

I just checked your website, it looks cool and you’ve got some copywriting skills there lol.

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Thank you! I just do this stuff cuz it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad I could have encouraged someone to learn coding!

I know making this is hard? I guess for you not really. but do you plan to do it on appstore and googleplay? you can add some ads for it. I don’t think we mind since those ad cash, you deserve it for your hardwork. Also making it offline on app I think you can attract much more player to download it

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Wow great job! your a good programmer, way better that I could ever be :grin:


I could definitely look into publishing it on android, but I unfortunately for apple the price is too high for a developer account (400$)
I’ll think about putting a small ad somewhere on the website to keep the website up :smiley:

Not True! I only started coding around the beginning of the pandemic, anyone can do it if you have access to YouTube and other free coding resources :smile:

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I’ve tried it before, 3D design is more of my knack, 2D design as well, but still this pretty cool, your pixelworlds art converter was really cool though.

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Hello Shawn,

what happens to your website, i was try and there no more connection?