Can a Admin or Mod help? My byte coins went negative!

My friend quit and gave me 1.5b bc and i had 600m after i logged out and logged in other day.My bytes went negative now i have -2.148b -(minus).Can someone help Admin or Mod?!?
Please and thank you!

post screenshot of that

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It doesnt let me post i can send u on ista if u want

send on antonis73_social

send me also the pic of the negative bytes insta

Just msg me on discord@macedonian1v9


also @scp610 do NOT post this on your instagram if you do not get permission from OP

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Ngl, looks like someone tried altering the game n got wammed…weird tho

One guy told me 2b is max u can hold bc

So that means this account was about 180+ million [or near that amount] away from being perma banned.

[Won’t, Unable & Disallowed to disclose the username of the account]

Jake only said byte coins had a limit but I do not recall him ever saying if someone surpasses that limit he will be automatically permanently banned, unless if you have something that proves me wrong

Hmm. I don’t see why that’d happen. If you had >2.148 billion (signed integer overflow) then sure but 1.5 billion? (also why’d someone use a signed integer for a currency???)

I say no further

Yeah there goes your bc, you should change accounts because you wont be able to have bc before someone gives you another 2bil.