Can Anybody Tell Me The Price Of White Epic Pwr?

It’s really hard to know whether or not a price on the PWE is accurate or reliable, price manipulation has became way too easy. I’m wondering if someone could inform me on the price of White Epic PWR as of August, 2022?

The price of White Epic PWR as of August 2, 2022 is exactly the same price of White Epic PWR.

well said, but i doubt it. its more similar to white epwr

Dont know the price, maybe like the others epwr

Also not epic pwr but epwr if u want it more simple

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I think white epwr is like 950k bc if i remember correctly.

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Buy for 69,420 bc :heart_eyes:

I get your trying to be funny and all, but this isn’t helpful. Yeah, I did laugh, just is annoying when someone wants honesty and all they get is a jokish reply not taking them seriously.

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Based. W Moose, this needed to be said.

Agh, well abbreviations aren’t known by everybody, sometimes you have to be specific.

Wow, that’s a little bit more expensive than I was aware of. I’m just trying to get my hands on some scorcher wings, and EPWR while I still can.

Apologies. I am now deeply aware of how wrong my actions were, I admit that it was very childish of me to do something like this. The joke I played was not at all humorous and a serious mistake on my part to make fun of something someone was asking help for. Once again, I apologize for the actions I have taken and I will not not continue with them.

This is the case, as I do not know if you understand, but the only thing I do on the forums is what is known as “trolling”. It is quite difficult to pinpoint what exactly “trolling” is but my best explanation for it would be a practical joke played on someone. Common trolling includes: starting up an argument with someone’s correct opinion despite knowing it is true.

What I have done here is a case of trolling, in attempt to play a joke on him, I regretfully posted a message about “The price of White Epic PWR as of August 2, 2022 is exactly the same price of White Epic PWR.” the reason I found this humorous is because I had told him that the answer to what he was asking was the answer. Because I thought of this, I sadly decided to post it as I was in a state of emotion called “boredom”.

Finally, I will apologize again for this very disrespectful comment I have posted on this form. In the future, I will try my best to make more.


Lmaoo, you got me in the first 23 lines ngl.


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Desti good gamer boi.

On anything that has had a lot of sales average out the bar graph cut off the 2 top and 2 bottom sales … The remaining 16 should give you a good price guide and whether it’s rising or falling