Can carbon rod attract other fishes other than large/huge

Question… Why do i sometimes still get small/medium fishes even though i use carbon?
I thought they were only able to attract large/Huge and i don’t have any gears that let my rod attract small fishes, or am i wrong about carbon only being able to catch large/huge


You can get small Tiny medium large and huge with carbon but u have biggest chqnge get large huge with carbon

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Even with titanium sup u can get Tiny and small

It might have to do with your rod’s tier.
The higher a rod’s tier, the larger the fish size gets. So if you were to use a carbon fine/basic, you’re most likely gonna be getting small to medium fish. On the other hand, carbon flaw and superior gives you more chance to get larger fish.

actually the most common size for carbon rods to catch is medium

that doesnt affect the fish size

All rods can catch all fish sizes. The base rod affects the chances of you getting certain sizes

Game of chances. A better rod gives a chance of getting bigger fish but does not exclude getting other sizes of fish.

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