Can we get rid of the jet designs in forums?

Everything that people post gets just pushed down and hidden under all the jet designs. Why are they submiting jet designs here but not in instagram where they are supposed to be. It’s getting really annoying because people have questions and creations that just get hidden under some random pencil jets and turtle jets. What can we do to stop this mess?

Maybe it can be a possibility next time.

I mean, we could delete all the posts once the competition is done…

Yeah, but right now when people are posting content, questions and suggestions those are just forgotten and overseen.

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Well yes, probably should have a feature of filtering jet contest submissions for those who do not want to see.
But there are categories tho, only the latest and new category gets affected by the submissions

I personally don’t use instagram so i’m glad i can post my entry here, but yes it is pretty annoying

Same here

and I really think it is better posted in forums since it was just launched so this could probably get more people to join forums.

Well, if there’s a thread as a submission place then yea( Like the old contest)

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I think it would be better to submit all the contest entries to one official topic, instead of creating a topic for each entry.

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I’ve been thinking that once I saw forums flooded with submissions on day one