Can you complete a mine without a mouse?

You sure?

Anyways… Hope you will enjoy the video!

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I was more hoping for higher mine levels since I remember myself being unable to just use space in like level 4 or 5

Fine… i’ll do it in an other mine… but do this without killing enemies will be hard…

Im subscribed and I watch your videos very cool content.

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While mining I always thought about trying to beat a mine with no mouse.

Glad somebody finally tried it

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Technically you can if you play from phone


Just tried and completed one with no mouse.

Why didnt you kill the bats? You can kill them fairly easily. But maybe it is just my 93 armor :cold_face:

Because the challenge was basically to rush to the exit like this without killing monsters.

Oh yeah It’s big brain time


Mobile players: Am i a joke to you?