Can you tell me if i got scammed i am just confused

1 Csinos are illegal so yeah, 2 this is a scam, he is going back on a promise for what he was supposed to do, 3 please don’t name n shame, 4 you just cast a pair of loose handcuffs for him mmm


Trillionare ban :smile:

whaaaat!! poof
I saw him a lot with YML did he get?

Sadly no ( 20 characters)

well because YML has… In nice words, questionable friends

well because YML has… In nice words, questionable friends (he removed me after i reported one of his friends)

Bruh (20 characters)

its not casino btw its just a p2p world named as casino :slight_smile: anyways thanks for reviev

what is yml can i ask?

Time to petition make P2P illegal, never do P2Ps.

If P2P were illegal, people would start making and playing other illegal gambling games. :hamburger:

i just think there should be some rules from the devs for the owners cuz owners are making rules by themselves and they do whatever they want

i think best thing to carry out of the P2P - Casino - or any type of this games, and save your wls rather than get scammed by famous p2p or unknown one, this my opinion about p2p/casino.

wdym p2p isnt supported by devs

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bro i talked to 2 moderators and they asked me the contract of the world and they said like there was no contract for the global messages so i cant get anything back and p2p is legal so supported by devs i guess

There’s a petition already

The petition was created by Citrina or Rabia I don’t remember

Indeed, Rabia is the one that started the petition to make P2P illegal years ago.

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I hate the spam, every time i open the global chat i see NEW P2P OPEN OMG COME DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOU WLS( THE OWNER’S WLS) P2P… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:. Also learn how to use the global chat guys!