Cannon Battle Game | Contest Entry

World Name: CLAVER
Creation: Cannon Battle Game
When there is at least 1 player on each side, the game begins after a couple of seconds (the yellow glow blocks indicate that). The goal is to kill all of your opponents using the cannons on your side. They are fired by pressing the buttons on your side and have a small cooldown to prevent you from spamming them (cooldown is indicated by green glow blocks). Also, you can’t fire a cannon while the other 2 are still on cooldown, so the enemy always has the possibility to dodge the cannonballs.
When you win, the doors on your side open and you get to have a delicious meal in the middle with your remaining teammates.

If this wins a prize, please split it equally among all members of the CLASH Clan.

World Screenshot


Update on this entry:

Back when I wrote this entry, I didn’t test the game, since it had always worked in the past. However, in the time between my last time playing (before the entry) and writing the entry, the behavior of cannons was changed, which I only noticed very recently. They now do not activate if they are facing into a door, even when receiving an On signal.
Therefore, I had to change the game by adding Electro Spheres (since they do allow the cannon to fire, while preventing players from moving outside their area) and 2 wiring gates (since the input for doors has to be Off to not let players through, while it has to be On for Electro Spheres). I know this worsens gameplay, but the only other option, Deflectors, made movement even worse, so I deemed Electro Spheres the lesser evil.

I hope this doesn’t invalidate my entry.