Can't even use donation boxes anymore

hacker busted them up and the support won’t do anything about it
you cant put anything in the slots

I came in forum to post a question on these

Here is a hacked box in FISHERMANSSS

I want to know who to approach to get it removed?

I was sad to empty it cos it had some very cool stuff in it … . Once it’s emptied it can’t be added to again nor be broken … the game code sees it as having items so like any other prop of this nature display, safe, chest, etc it won’t let you break it

Yes I know it shows as having stuff in it , but it doesn’t - that’s clearly a part of the hack.

This is the world I locked up because of the bots - it has a portal area which has become unusable as is the spawn area you can’t see much of anything when a bot is in world …

RetNos do you have a contact to approach to get these taken out?.

I do not know how to remove those glitched items on that box. Best shot would be to email support about the world and admins will look into it.

could you maybe create a topic which we would put worlds with these donation boxes and you would forward the names to the admins since “support” takes too much time to reply (not to mention that usually it does not reply at all)?

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Some kind of permanent thread seems like a good idea.

Surely the game needs these gone anyway??

it’s been months and I still haven’t gotten a response from support about the boxes

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There must be 100s by now.

Does it happen everytime a bot can access one ? :thinking:

no, it’s just a chat command with one certain hack

Are you aware of any point of call or mention where we can get these removed ? I’m aware of another on someone else’s world

Somehow I don’t see support acting on it

I’ve tried to ask on discord several times as well

they’ve said to contact support but as usual it’s useless, nothing’s ever going to be done about it

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