Cant Update

Hi Guys
i somehow can’t update my game idk so i tried log out and in again but can’t login again, it says update my client, but there’s no update in my client so idk (i prob shouldn’t log out rip)
help me plsss i want my acc back :,(

Do you have the Microsoft Store version of the game?

If you do, Microsoft Store might not have accepted the update yet, so you will probably have to wait a bit longer until you can update the game.

i got yeah :confused: bruhhhhhhhhh

Then, either it’s probably that, or Microsoft Store are having some technical issues.
For the meanwhile, you could download other platforms versions, such as the Steam version or the mobile one.

anyone know when its fixed?

hmmmmmmmmmmm yeah ill try

same im using microsoft store need to update client so i decided to play on steam :smiley:

did you ment having? or haveng in german

This seems like the clan update all over again.

Yeah sorry, I made a typo. However, this should be fixed by tomorrow or so, I believe.

Has anyone still downloaded the update successfully? Microsoft Store states that it may take up to 24 hours for an update to go live, but it has never taken longer than an hour or two in my experience.

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I got it today morning