Card battle tournament trophies

Losing a match shouldn’t take the number of trophies that the winner got (from winning the round) away from you especially with the number of trophies that you need to get into the higher leagues… This problem becomes even worse if you’re one of the few people on higher leagues because you’ll most likely go against a lower leagued player and then earn even fewer trophies or if the luck isn’t on your side at all you’ll lose an absolutely disgusting amount of trophies from it.

I don’t know any other “ladder game” that is being this harsh with their trophies or whatever it’d be called in their game, and most of them are skill-based which would kinda give them an even better reason to make the trophies harsh/hard to get. The PW’s card battles are just really luck-based and shouldn’t be this harsh.

The same +50/-50 trophies that you’d earn/lose when playing with someone who is in the same league as you is just horrible. IMO it should be somewhere around +50/-25 because that’d help more people get higher up in the leagues, which would help the even higher leagued players to possibly get into the last few leagues. I feel like this change would also separate the good and the little bit worse players from each other (because the better players would be able to get into way higher leagues together instead of there only being a few most likely lucky players up there suffering with the current trophy system) letting everyone have a more fair experience.

Note: I was (and still am) extremely tired when I wrote this so I apologise for any mistakes or if it didn’t make that much sense… or if someone else already talked about this (if that’s the case ignore this post).


clash of clans has the same system you and your enemy get same amount of trophies.

but isn’t clash of clans more like a skill-based game than luck-based?

yeah more skill based but there still is lots of luck, like troop ai

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Oh yeah that, but it also doesn’t have monthly 3 week-long seasons with just a few battle hours so it’s still kinda way easier.

Troop stupidity*

Well, at least you still get rewarded if you lose. 49% attacks may produce around 500k gold/elixir using the right troops. Then what do we get from PW Card Tournaments upon losing? ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. 16 minutes worth of your grind wasted by a 7 minute game. Even Supercell’s games aren’t that harsh with the WIN : LOSE trophy ratio.

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Uhh no? Its the more the bigger troops the better, if its skill based even lvl 1 cannon can beat max lvl giants the skill based games is only games that is either a first person shooter non pay2win games, or Combat (not every combat game is not p2w)

I meant skill as in like you have to think about all the defending and attacking strategies (which aren’t that luck-based since you get to choose what you use), even if it wasn’t that skill-based in the end at least it doesn’t have: