[Card Game] I really don't get it & some questions I want to ask

I really don’t get it. :woozy_face:

I bought a card for 5,000 gems and started battling people.

The first player ive challenged with.

Yes, I failed.

The second player ive challenged with.

I almost had it but failed.

I also saw @Spycreed :flushed:

Ok, let’s get straight to the point. The topic is intentionally made to make me ask questions :thinking:

  1. How do you even play it (any tutorial via YouTube or any advantages/how to win and do and don’ts)

  2. Is there any prizes/anything if you won?

  3. Tournament when?

  4. Are the cards I bought at the store permanent?

Thank you in advanced! :partying_face:

Jake answered 3/4 questions in his video, did you watch it?

And for my own advice to win battle cards, just put on some glasses and act like you’re a smart Hearthstone player, works for me


You basically have to read the elemental number and you know how to play


When was that picture taken? :thinking:

You can watch Jake’s update video( if I’m not wrong there is also a video with him explaining Advance mode) about how the game works. You can’t really make an op card deck since your opponent’s card deck is unpredictable.

2-3 months from today

Yes they are. They aren’t single use.

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  1. How do you even play it (any tutorial via YouTube or any advantages/how to win and do and don’ts)

1.1 I would recommend to assemble deck with elemental damage that is the highest. The most important thing is to make sure that the lowest elemental damage cannot be challenged with opponent’s card (placing them in the corner, forcing to attack them based on the highest elemental damage) and once that card is reversed, it will be much easier to regain it.
1.2 Other thing that can be done is to place a card that can obtain 2+ cards at the same time if you have the opportunity to do so.
1.3 Make sure to lock down the spots to get an advantage against your opponent. It will give an upper hand as the way to win the game is to gain high count of card slots in the battlefield.
1.4 Pixel Worlds Official YouTube channel is where you can find in-depth look at the card game update as well as visuals of how it looks like.

  1. Is there any prizes/anything if you won?

At the moment, there is none. All we can do now is disenchant cards, gain pixel dust and create more valuable cards or the ones you do not have.

  1. Tournament when?

There is no specific date as of yet.

  1. Are the cards I bought at the store permanent?

Yes. You can get the same card multiple times but only two same cards can be used on a deck (basic and advanced one).


I haven’t checked out PW Channel for like, a month now :sweat_smile:. Its like I almost forgot it exists.

Thank you everyone. although, I did bought the blue card thing rather than the green card.

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Yesterday :flushed:(maybe today for you)

Do you want to battle with me for fun? :grinning:

OMG! Thanks Vaikas!

Where did you learn all this?

I have played a bunch of card games before. All you have to do is understand the basic concept of it to start creating strategies with the deck you have.

Yes. I regret buying the starter deck…

Opponent’s deck being unpredictable doesn’t mean that you cannot have an OP deck.

In Clash Royale, the decks are unpredictable too, yet one deck got me from Arena 8 to Arena 11 with almost always a win.

And if there’s not enough balancing, you end up with OP cards like back in the time, if you had Sparky, it 2-shotted towers.

Thanks for the tip Vaikas. Is there any card game that has similar concept to this?

I tried getting the starter deck, only get commons.

OP Deck wins all the time!

I can think only of Gwent that is somewhat similar. Other card games I was referring to are mostly to exercise your thinking so any kind of is good enough (UNO, Rummy, War, etc.)