Card Game's Delay

I was actually wondering in Discord, thinking =
"Would the Card Game actually come out on schedule (May) if the P2W Best Set Feature was scrapped?"

The Best Set feature has been something not everyone could enjoy, mostly the rich would win (clearly from the majority of E PWR Winners). Yes, some of them may be good, but others are literally just a lazy “copy and paste”. The card game on the other hand, could’ve been enjoyed by everyone. Did the developers really wasted their time on a feature that would only be enjoyable for the rich part of the community?

Need opinions, reply below.


well fashion week is just a ‘meh’ update , not necessary but good way to get new trophies

best set is pretty unconstructed in my opinion, no level barrier, no 2nd,3rd places, just a thing that exists in game.

That’s why…
They tried to focus on the card update, thus they rushed the “Best Set” update. It really could’ve been better if the devs actually thought about it better, instead on focusing 2 things at once

That update was easily one man’s work of updating. We have a team of over 5 people.

In the end the Best set update was not that big and it almost took no time to create compared to the card game update. I guess if we would have scrapped the st. patricks and easter updates we could have been in schedule for may release :wink: Also a lot of bugs have appeared in the game and those need to fixed first. That has also slowed us down a bit.


Well i guess everyone would like a card game without any bugs in game , so its better to wait how much it takes i guess


Ah, well that makes sense. Guess this thread is answered now.


imagine releasing update when its not ready

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I don’t mind the best set mini-feature, but I do agree that most of the winners are rich players. But in the end, the community decides who wins, even if it’s unfair.

Having to wait an extra few weeks for a finished update, is well worth it. It’s far better than a half-finished update filled with bugs and problems that would take 2-3x longer to fix. Along with several complaints that the developers simply don’t deserve.


this is just a theory,but what if the devs were using best set to make the card designs

I wouldn’t be enjoying E PWRs on every card, would I?

that doesn’t make any sense.

Ya’ll keep targetting best set and keep forgetting there’s actually a good tournament called “fishing”

Wait the update was delayed???

Yep, you can find that info in Jake’s second Devlog.