Card Scam

The Problem
Yeah you readed right, I heared few Minuntes ago Ingame about a person who got scammed by Playing Cards, its not how you think by loosing the battle or the other Person hacking its way simpler.
The Problem is everyone can do this and by 10 000 Byte beets it Kinda hurts.

The Way
The Scam methode is very Simple you are in a World and plays Cards with someone, few moments after the match begins the Owner of the World just ban you and his friend / your opponent automaticly wins.

The Problem is you cant do anything about it and you probably wont see it comming, there is just one way to fix this.

The solution
@Siskea or @Shane please add a feature that allows people who are in card battle at the moment to be invulnerable, so no bans / kicks. Traps also cant hurt the persons or some people may build traps that let the person disconnect.

Other Arguments
yeah you may say now Why you playing in a Random World Card matches but you wont expect to be scammed by playing cards and new players may dont even think this whole thing is suspicious.

P.S there is no underline feature with double _ would be nice if anyone (No idea who is responsible for that) fix it

Greeting Dpk

Unfortunately, this issue has been reported already way back. We’re unsure if there’s any legit programmer/coder present in the current Pixel Worlds Team to even do that.

Well its not that hard Im not sure how Pixel Worlds managed this but Pixel Worlds is programmed in C# a pretty easy Programm language after Java the easiest.
There 2 Options what happen if you start a card game.

The first is you get an Interface over the whole screen, what does mean your movent or any key is blocked.

The second option is a scene is loaded with the interface etc, if that happens you just could remove every connection from the Player meanwhile the cardgame scene is loaded, that would mean that you cant move, fall, die, kicked or banend, your just a sprite for others. the Problem with that is that you could place blocks on the person and after the match they’ll get block killed.
But I guess better than loosing 10k bytes.

Ofc I cant tell you exactly what todo because I have no idea how Pixel Worlds really is programmed I just can imagine, I anway wish the devs luck.

Lol. This is my thread about this exact same issue from Sept. 21, 2021. At this point I think it’s safe to say it’s not gonna change.

My thread from 7 1/2 months ago

Well the easiest way to avoid this is to not join those card battlers who ask you to go to another world and spread awareness to people

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I agree with the suggestion to void card battle and returning bets if it does not end with one of the sides winning or losing. I merely don’t understand why this issue wasn’t addressed.

Yeah I undestood and mentioned that in my Post extra. but you allways need to imagine you warping a friend or idk a GM where is a giveaway and you play with someone cards because well its a funny game and the Owner host spleef atm but than kicks or ban everyone for any reason there are much reasons, and woops your bytes gone the owner did not even noticed that.