Cards update

Dear Pixelians,

Fast forward to 2023,
What type of impact did the HUGE game-changing card update made to you?

Do you guys play it?

After the card update, everything went downhill in terms of development so that’s the impact it had on me. Sadness.

Last I focused on card tournaments were at December 2021, it was a fun getaway from boring grinding but it soon became impossible for me to get the trophies anyway since you had to be online every 2/3 battle hour

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I still like card battles! (emphasize “like”, I just can’t stop losing) I get so bored in thr mines that I’d punch someone if I had the chance to lmao. But even still I sometimes just play card battles while I have nothing to do, makes me feel empty again.

I just can’t get into the cards needs too much attention…

I fish when i want a change from other stuff … Doing lots of different rod upgrades at moment as have the ingredients. Need the fish LoL…