Chad doge cape vs Chadn't dracula cape


So all I need to do to get Dracula cape is to do something sus? Sign me up

Idk why a item cost 2.5k pl or even 700pl in this game.

Cuz if it were any less, I guess people would end up overpaying until it’s worth 2.5k pl again

Tbh true but what’s the point xd. like 2.5k pl for a item ? I would rather buy other rare items maybe sprite mask or ifrit mask u can have almost all bt items in that amount.(exceptions are the ppl who alrd have all of them idk how rich they are can buy drac for that much).

I commited several war crimes on serbian territory, kidnapped 20 turkish players, destroyed the twin towers, nuked an Indonesian island and annexed Manchuria illegally and i still didn’t got the drac cape :confused:


such doge wow!

I commited enough war crimes(Including torture, executing prisoners etc) for all nations in the world to hire hitmen to assasinate me.

I have kidnapped over 100 children and they are still in my basement

Yet i have still not recieved my prize of dracula cape.

Maybe there isn’t enough blood?


Both capes are wack imo

Maybe we should summon the god of destruction

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Dunno, he sounds kinda sus

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brol stars pro pfp(20 characters)

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