Chest Game

As you see, I have just made a new game. I will call it chest game (I want to call it Deal Or No Deal but afraid it might be copyrighted). Welp, this game is good for 1 contestant, and there is a certain kind of luck you might win the jackpot. React in this post if you want to join or host this magnificent game.

me when the

Lol. What does that mean? Hmmm

Want to join or host?


Hehe, ok, but let’s wait around 5 more lol

If its not a pay to win ill join

It’s not P2P, joining is free. I might not say the same for hosting

It’s free to join, but not free to host.


I’ma do 1 tomorrow if I have time.

Also, I’ll put jackpot prize 2K Bc if you guessed all the chests right

Person : Hello mr ceo of deal or no deal an individual
Named gablevipw has just threatened to use the name deal or no deal in his pixel worlds minigame what a horrendous violation of copyright he should be jailed.

Ceo: yes indeed this sinner has ruined my entire livelihood this is unacceptable him using the name deal or no deal in his minigame could quite literally ruin my life.

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why would it be copyright infringement for naming it that without any incentive to profit

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Not new+prob another one of your weird scams

dont by cover judge its book the

Told you I won’t charge anyone to join my game

Hehe I don’t want to profit anymore (jk)

You’re selling hosts, what do hosts gain from this anyway?