Chest opening animation?

ADD chest opening animation! its easy to animate things like that right?

and good if they add chest opening animation i think it was easy to program?

so why dont add chest opening animation? you can skip the animation by clicking anywhere

what do you think?

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I don’t get what you mean

if you wanna skip da animation of the opening chest just click anywhere

Well, I can see if other players can see it open and close, but how do you skip it?

I said click anywhere to skip

But what if you break something

no you cannot break anything

No need to skip the animation, just show the player the ui and play the animation when the chest is opened.

If you meant that the player would have to wait for the animation to finish for the ui to show, then it’s a bad idea, even with the skip feature, I don’t want to press twice when opening a chest.

If you meant that the animation would play and the ui will appear at the same time, then it’s a nice idea.

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This actually sounds like more of a nuisance than a good idea.

These are not “easy” because you’re not the one who’ll work on it.

It sounds easy to me, and I’m a programmer.

If they can make a battle cards tournament system in two months, they can definitely make a chest animation in 1 hour - 3 days.

I’m pretty sure it’s not just 2 months. You may think they’ve done it within 2 months, but I’m also guessing they’re already making progress before they even discuss about it to the community.

They couldn’t have started developing card tournaments before they developed the battle cards, that’s physically impossible…

It is possible. It’s called “pre-production”.

Pre-production is the planning process.

It’s impossible to think of a card tournament without thinking of cards.

It’s also very hard to write a script that checks the result of a non-existing card game, before making that card game.

It’s like adding farming into the game, before adding seeds.

Anyway, making a chest animation shouldn’t take more than 3 days.

Ah…when they released the card update the card tournament is there already, so it’s on “pre-production”.