Clan gems

will i get my gems back when someone kick me in clan (level up cost) gems

not donation

no you not going to get your gems back

what if someone just kick me for fun lol what will gonna happen to gems

Gems are for the benefit of the clan, not any individual nor owner.

“level up” clan that rank stuff im talking about not donate

It Dosent Give em Back If you Are kicked And They Will just disapear

What he said :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Even if you rejoin it doesn’t give them back neither, at least that what I was told

Ye They just disapear If you leave And Even If you join Back your repution Will Be Back at lv1

man just accept that you lost your gems already-

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i didnt but like what will gonna happen if you just gived like 10k or 100k idk how much level up cost and someone kicked you

If you contribute gems to your clan but you get kicked/ you leave that clan
those gems are not recorded into your account so even if you returned to that clan they would remain in the clan but would not return to your contributions

…NOT “contribute” OR “donate” GEMS i said your level up

Bro How Many Times Need To Say That You Understand They Just Disapear If U Get Kicked Or leave

its bad game logic…

You’re not getting anything back, nothing, nada, zero. Everything you’ve ever done in the clan will stay in the clan, you will not benefit from it when you leave

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im trying to say its terrible game logic like when you pay up level up cost for 10k-100k idk how much that and just someone kicked for fun and took back u to clan you will start in level 1


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just don’t join a clan if you know that the people in charge are not cool and after all the cost is not that high, you can always make that much gems in short time

It’s not terrible logic, let’s say you keep everything that you donated, you can easily join again and donate everything again and get your gems back once you leave and continue the cycle.

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