[CLAN RECRUITMENT] REPUTATION is recruiting new members!

REPUTATION is recruiting new members!

REPUTATION is a Level 6 Light Clan within Pixel Worlds that are in need of EXP Grinders. We’re looking for members that are active, helpful and mature.

[What do we offer]:

  • An Item Rental System.
  • Free access to an Auto Farm World.
  • Private Fishing World.
  • Clan Events.
    And many more in the coming future!

We do not have a daily quota that needs to be fulfilled, meaning that you don’t have to contribute a certain amount of EXP/Gems per day, although your activity will still be monitored during your stay.

If you’re interested in joining, you can join our Discord Server and apply for a possition within the Clan. Further information will be provided within the server. Good luck, and have a nice day!

[Discord Invite Link]: https://discord.gg/RdHSWDA

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@POKERUSS has already made thread like that, in my opinion it’s quite spammy:/

I was not aware of that, and yeah we’re just trying to recruit members into the clan. We have no intentions whatsoever to spam the category. On behalf of the clan, we apologize if this is disturbing you.

Would be spammy if they said the same thing

The point of topic is same: Recruiting members to reputation clan.