Clan things lol

Im just interested in how people treat their clan members

Do you try to socialize with your clan members on a daily basis or do you just care about getting the clan to lvl 10?

I wouldn’t die for any of them :slightly_smiling_face:

no I don’t, the clans kinda quiet to me, eventhough it’s lvl 9 with alot of members, most just mind their own business I guess

I don’t care about that :moyai:

That reminds me old and good days in clan ZEUS, we’ve always had so much fun in there, we played games, upgraded clan, chatted a lot, it was so fun and i felt really in-right place there.

But eh… nothing lasts forever :pensive:

Clans are a special thing most don’t chat there as I’ve seen at least I’ve always thought why? It’s most likely because their scared they’ll say something that’ll be offensive to someone and might get kicked out of the clan whenever I’m in a clan I mine my own business.

If they are scared of the leaders than they are in the wrong clan :sunglasses:

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In clan Reputation we are completely fine :slight_smile: ps: I’m a slave ( a joke)

There are just some frequent random conversations in the clan chat and our clan discord server. We’re not that high of a level clan but still good.

Well we don’t have requirements as of now so nah.